A Very Happy Thursday

“We’ll go because it’s Thursday,” he said, “and we’ll go to wish everybody

A Very Happy Thursday

Come on, Piglet.”

Winnie the Pooh has such an innocent view of the world. So pure, so curious. 

One of my favorite books is The Tao of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff, a book that explains the ideas of Taoism through the teachings of our old friend Winnie the Pooh. I’m not a taoist, or any ‘ist’, ‘in’ or ‘ish’ for that matter, but I have included a few of the basic concepts of Taoism into my daily life.

Tao translates to “Way” and that’s the basic idea right there. Taoism is about the journey, focusing on and enjoying what lies in front of you instead of always looking ahead at your destination.

“We will wish everyone a Very Happy Thursday.” 

A passage from The House on Pooh Corner. A great adventure that begins with Pooh Bear and Piglet heading out to find their friends to wish them a Very Happy Thursday.

We don’t need a reason to be with the people we care about or do the things we love. Just go do it. It’s Thursday. Enjoy it for what it is, another day on Planet Earth.

We are all really busy. I get caught up in the mix just like everyone else. But every once in a while I somehow summon the sense to stop, take a breath and look around me. I almost always find myself being really excited about whatever it is that I'm doing.

I created averyhappythursday.com as a reminder. It’s a simple website that I can quickly visit or set as my homepage on Thursdays (or any other day for that matter) to remind me to appreciate the day before me. Maybe it will remind someone else too!

We only get to do this once, so lets make today count.


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